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Kilusang 99%

Dear friends,

I write on account of a social movement on its nascency called Kilusang 99%. This movement envisions putting the poor at the center of development and pushing for alternative policies to replace the existing economic paradigms that are bereft of social justice and have spawned social inequities and dislocation.

Kilusang 99%, or simply K99, is multisectoral and non-partisan composed of people’s organizations, sectoral groups, church institutions, the academe, and individuals who push for the implementation of four asset reform programs: (1) agrarian reform, (2) urban land reform and housing, (3) ancestral domain reform, and (4) fisheries reform. It also calls for the protection of the rights of workers from nefarious labor practices such as contractualization, and the resolution of all human rights violations.

The movement was conceived in early October when several government policies were revealed to be countering the objectives of the above-mentioned programs. The “M…