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A Call to Conversion for the Philippine Church

THERE are many dramatic conversions in church history, like the conversion of St. Augustine, that of St. Francis of Assissi, of St. Ignatius of Loyola, of St. Camilo de Lelis. These conversion stories have great impacts in Church History, but none is as dramatic and as far-reaching for the life of the Church than that of St. Paul. The 14 letters of the New Testament that are attributed to him attest to this, 14 out of 21 letters, 14 out of 27 books of the New Testament! Not only the sheer number of the writings of Paul, but also the themes that they deal with show his greatness. They deal with important themes of the Bible like, how we are made acceptable to God or the question of justification, the role of the Holy Spirit in Christian life, the Church as the body of Christ, baptism as participation in the life of God, Christian and Jewish relations, Christian worship, the importance of faith and love, just to name a few. What would our New Testament be without Paul? The significance …