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Homily at the Supreme Court

I am here not because I am pro-Supreme Court. In fact I have my own deep misgivings towards the Supreme Court, such as the flip-flopping in the FASAP case, the non-action in the Dusit case, and the long wait on coco-levy case.

So I’m here not because I am ok with the Supreme Court.
I am here as a bishop because as a shepherd I have to serve all, to pray with and to pray for those who request my services. And I am requested to offer this mass here.

I am here as a Filipino. I am very concerned that we should have good governance in the country. Part of good governance in a democratic system is to have proper check and balance in the different branches of government. The independence of each branch is to be safeguarded. It is for this intention that we pray together. It is very unfortunate that the independence of the lower house is no longer there because of the pork barrel, not only in this administration but also in the last. We pray in this mass that the senate will be more independent.…